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A Fragile Tomorrow Release Krautrock-Style Song, "How Do You Dance To It?"

Premieres with The 405; New Album February 22

Indie psych-rock band A Fragile Tomorrow have released another track from their forthcoming album Generation Loss, available February 22. The song, a krautrock-themed anthem titled “How Do You Dance To It?”, premiered on The 405 along with a choreographed music video that alludes to 'Trump’s America.'

This is a politically-motivated song inspired by krautrock,” the band explains. Krautrock, which stems from the German term “kosmische musik” meaning “cosmic music,” is a form of experimental rock that was created in Germany in the late 1960s. Lyricist Sean Kelly continues, “Essentially, it's from the point-of-view of a dictator who tells his followers to just ignore what they see and hear in the media. Not unlike a cult leader, he uses fear as a way to command control of people and has a growing obsession with the adoration he receives from his followers.”

In terms of the video, directed by Loren O’Connell, Kelly expands, “The video for ‘How Do You Dance To It?’ is a psychedelic dance piece centered around two main characters who become entranced by and enter into the world of the masked dancers. As the song deals with the cult-like mentality of Trumpism and his anti-media, anti-free press sentiments, I personally see it as a visual nod to the allure - for many Americans - of the sensationalist, faux-populist Trump movement that is rooted in and perpetuated by fear.




Rachael Sage Announces Acoustic Album, Due March 22

Glide Magazine Premieres Acoustic Version Of Rachael Sage's

Pop/folk chanteuse Rachael Sage has premiered the acoustic version of her positive anthem, "Alive", with Glide Magazine. The song appears on her forthcoming album PseudoMyopia, out March 22. Listen and share “Alive (acoustic)” here and pre-order via iTunes.

The outlet stated about the song, "Between global warming, violence and war, and the current political climate, the future can look increasingly dire if you dwell on it too much. With "Alive", Sage reminds us that it's okay to enjoy the moment, smile, and that maybe we aren't as doomed as we think. She does this with playful vocals and the confidence of a songwriter who knos how to pen infetious hooks and choruses, and lyrics that resonate in a universal way."

An album release event for PseudoMyopia with Rachael and her full band, The Sequins, will be held at Joe's Pub / NYC on April 18th. Get your tix now!

A Fragile Tomorrow Premieres David Bowie-Inspired Song And Video

Debuts With New Noise Magazine

New Noise magazine has premiered the video for "Circling", the latest track from indie psych-rock band A Fragile Tomorrow. Their new full-length album, Generation Loss, is out on February 22 and now available for pre-order.

The contemplative track's lyrics might stem from tragedy, but the song itself gets its beat from a legendary rock reference.

"I was listening to the 'Next Day' record from David Bowie and there was a song on there with a really fast paced groove that almost had elements of dance and electronica," lead vocalist Sean Kelly shares. "It kind of clicked that we should take this in a similar direction, so we did."

An accompanying, David Lynch-esque video also reveals the importance of looking at things beyond the surface level, with its visual aesthetic leaning more towards open interpretation and less on a strict storyline.

Watch and share the video clip here and read more via New Noise. Pre-order Generation Loss and keep up with A Fragile Tomorrow via their website.


Rachael Sage Releases Video For “Snowed In” Today

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Rachael Sage has released the video for her song “Snowed In” via Relix Magazine. The song appears on her latest album, Myopia. 

(Sage) navigates diþcult subject matter deftly with sensitivity and compassion, and most importantly leaves us with optimism for the future," says Vents Magazine.

Watch and share “Snowed In” here. Listen and share Myopia here and via iTunes and Amazon. 

If it strikes you as disturbing, that is certainly intentional. Directed by up-and-coming Norwegian film director Martine Skogstad and shot in London, the highly stylized clip captures the paranoid essence of Sage's song about controversial whistle-blower Edward Snowden and the NSA.

Check it out on Relix or read the full press release here.

Explore The American Dream With A Fragile Tomorrow's New Single And Video

Announce Full-Length Album February 2019, Upcoming Tour

Today, indie rockers A Fragile Tomorrow share the track and 80's-tinged video for their new single “Generation Loss” and announce a new full-length album of the same title, due February 22, 2019. The band has also released a string of East Coast tour dates lined up for next year, with the promise of more shows to be announced in the coming months.

“Generation Loss” uses the technical term as an analogy between today's younger, grossly in-debt, "slacker" generation and the more "practical" predecessors -- all of them striving for conflicting versions of the ‘American Dream.



Get all of the details and further information via the official press release.

Rachael Sage's "Alive" Video Debuts In The UK

Premieres With Female First

Rachael Sage's uplifting, colorful video for the song "Alive" - from her critically acclaimed 2018 album, Myopia - made its UK premiere with British lifestyle outlet, Female First!

The mag observed that "Sage’s magnetic stage presence means that you can’t help but believe every word she says - her suggestion of a better, brighter future no longer seems so unachievable".

'It's good to be alive," Rachael sings in the video, and was also a reminder of "just how talented this multi-instrumentalist is."

“These are songs about getting out there, thawing things out, and unearthing the truth” said Rachael when asked about the inspiration behind Myopia. And according to Female First, this sentiment can certainly be felt in video.

Check out "Alive" herewhich also features the talented Eliana Walmsley from the hit Lifetime series Dance Moms!

Vote for Rachael Sage and Sean Kelly for The 61st Grammy Awards

Online Voting Ends October 31st

It's Grammy season again! Two MPress Records artists are nominated: Rachael Sage for Myopia and Sean Kelly for Time Bomb Baby.

Online voting for the first round of nominations ends October 31st @ 6pm PST. 

Check out all of Rachael's nominations and stream Myopia here. 

And if you are a Grammy voter, be sure to check out both albums and VOTE NOW!

Rachael Sage Wants You To SHARE YOUR "SPARK"!

Submit Your Video Footage And Be In Rachael's Next Video

To help celebrate the spirit of her latest song "Spark", Rachael Sage is holding a contest for fans to be in her next music video for the song!

What are YOU passionate about? What is your personal 'spark'? Film yourself doing or creating what you love, send it in, and receive a special Rachael Sage prize pack just for enterting.Rachael will watch all submitted footage and choose clips that best embody the vibe of the song. Winners will have their content edited together into a new video for "Spark", to be released soon afterward. 


Show us your talent and SHARE YOUR 'SPARK'!


A Fragile Tomorrow Premieres New Single With Popdose,

Band Reinvents Themselves For 2018 Album Due This Fall

Upstart power-pop sensations A Fragile Tomorrow have partnered with Popdose to premiere "Dig Me Out", the first song taken from their new album, due Fall 2018.

Songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Sean Kelly explains further about how the song came to be.

"Dig Me Out” was in many ways, the blueprint for the kind of record we ended up making. When the song first came together in the extremely early stages of album production, we’d been exploring more avant-garde influences and immersing ourselves in hip-hop and Krautrock. The rhythmic components of A Tribe Called Quest’s Low End Theory, in particular, were a major influence on the song and, ultimately, the album as a whole."


Read the full story at Popdose and follow AFT on their socials to get all the breaking news!

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Rachael Sage's "Spark" Blazes Into FMQB's Top 10

Steadily Climbs AC Charts Alongside Ariana Grande, Imagine Dragons + Taylor Swift

"I don’t know your secrets // but I feel you like a spark."

Taken from Rachael Sage's new album Myopia, "Spark" has broken into the FMQB's coveted Top 10! The song is about the intimacy of a shared experience with a total stranger. It is about the magical moment when a relationship is in its infancy, before anything can go wrong and you can just revel in the lack of familiarity. It is a beautiful depiction of an experience of excitement and exhilaration that is universally felt.

The track starts with a beautiful and brief piano hook before Rachael’s voice joins the mix. With vocals as delicate as they are powerful, she truly is a musical maverick. The track is then taken up a notch with the inclusion of a dynamic and vibrant string section, and a subtle but robust drum beat that gives the track a real pulse.