Everything Is Just Enough

Everything Is Just Enough

Dom Kelly


"What if everything is just enough?” That’s the question that went through Dom Kelly’s mind in July 2016 as he reflected on the ups and downs of the previous year. The heartbreak of watching his mother battle terminal cancer, the joy of touring the country in support of his band’s most recent critically-acclaimed album, the ending of a relationship, the grief of losing his grandfather without warning, and the hope he felt in a sudden move to Atlanta, a city he’s always loved. That and more led A Fragile Tomorrow vocalist and drummer Dom Kelly to ask himself that single question - and answer it through song.

Kelly’s debut solo effort Everything Is Just Enough (MPress  Records) released on April 7th 2017, and he would like to call it his “bucket list album.”


1. 12 (Ft. Emily Saliers)

2. Same As The Old Me (Ft. Chris Trapper)

3. I'll Whisper iIn Your Ear (Ft. Sean Kelly)

4. Hailey's Gone

5. Infinity (Ft. Sarah Bettens)

6. Pie (Ft. Doris Murmastsu)

7. Another Question

8. If I Needed You (Ft. Lucy Wainwright Roche)

9. Great Already