The Tide (2017)

The Tide (2017)

Rachael Sage


Never one to shy away from social commentary, NYC singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rachael Sage returns to her folk roots with THE TIDE, an EP of timely protest songs. Including topical songs related to the Orlando shooting, Elie Wiesel’s passing, the Syrian refugee crisis and the 2016 Presidential election, Sage's latest collection features members of her touring band The Sequins along with Grammy® Nominated cellist Dave Eggar (Coldplay, Phillip Phillips) and violinist Rachel Golub (Bruce Springsteen). Produced by Rachael Sage and engineered by multiple Grammy® Nominee John Shyloski (Stephen Kellogg, Johnny Winter). All proceeds from the sale of this EP benefit American Refugee Committee (




  1. The Tide
  2. Disarm Distrust
  3. Try Try Try
  4. Tomorrow
  5. The Tide (Radio Mix)