Choreographic (Acoustic) (2016)

Choreographic (Acoustic) (2016)

Rachael Sage


"Choreographic (Acoustic)" contains acoustic, stripped-down versions of Rachael Sage's original "Choreographic" album, released in May 2016. Featuring her own soulful vocals and delicate guitar work, along with cello and violin from longtime collaborators Ward Williams (Brandi Carlile) and Kelly Halloran (Tom Morello, G Love), this collection puts Sage's incisive, poetic lyrics and memorable melodies front-and-center.

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1. Home (feat. Matt Nakoa)

2. Learn To Let You Go

3. 7 Angels (feat. Peter Himmelman)

4. Loreena

5. Try Try Try

6. It Would Be Enough

7. Heaven (Is a Grocery Store Clerk)

8. French Doors

9. Clear Today

10. Five Alarms

11. So Far Away