New Arrivals: Vol. I (2006)

New Arrivals: Vol. I (2006)

New Arrivals Compilation Project


This is MPress Records' first-ever indie music compilation, featuring tracks by Jill Sobule, Patti Rothberg and more than a dozen emerging artists. This album will help raise funds for Gulf Coast Hurricane Relief, with 100% of all proceeds going toward disaster recovery. All of these artists are fast-rising and award-winning; Paul Brill won CMJ's 2005 Band Search; Rachael Sage (whose song "Featherwoman" is included) received the 2005 Independent Music Award; Jenny Bruce's music was featured in the trailer for CBS TV's "Ghost Whisperer" with Jennifer Love Hewitt; Noe Venable was recently voted the "Best Female Artist" by the Bay Area Music Awards; Michal Received a 2005 Emmy Award for Music; and Rich Price was featured on the "Shrek 2" soundtrack.


1. Rich Price / Queen B

2. Noe Venable / Juniper

3. Amy Speace / Not The Heartless Kind

4. Jim Blanco / Goodness Gracious

5. Ellis / Hurricane

6. Andy Mac / She Falls Away

7. Girlyman / Young James Dean

8. Paul Brill / New Pagan Love Song

9. Edie Carey / Under A Sky

10. Rob Giles / Boom Bang

11. Chris Pureka / Burning Bridges

12. Pharoah's Daughter / Change Your Mind

13. Jenny Bruce / Desert Heart

14. Kym Tuvim / I Will

15. Michal / Desireless

16. Patti Rothberg / Hard Times

17. Rachael Sage / Featherwoman


Jill Sobule / Jet Pack