About MPress Records

"We aim to release amazing music by innovative, multi-dimensional artists who are passionate, hard-working, love to tour and will do whatever it takes to connect with an audience. Visionaries welcome!"

MPress is not currently seeking new acts to sign. Please keep an eye on newarrivalscd.com for information on submission guidelines for our next "New Arrivals" independent compilation.

MPress Records was founded over a decade ago by award-winning art-pop chanteuse, multi-instrumentalist and producer Rachael Sage. Sage, who has toured with Ani DiFranco and Lilith Fair and shared stages with artists as diverse as Sarah McLachlan, Judy Collins, Eric Burdon and Semi Precious Weapons, plays over 100 dates a year with her band The Sequins in the US, UK, Europe and Asia.

Her albums have charted at AAA and College radio, and have been favorably reviewed in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, The Village Voice, The Washington Post and TimeOut NY. Billboard.com called her "the stitch between the great rock and pop traditions of the past and what those traditions have wrought in the hypermodern world of the present", and legendary producer Phil Ramone said "she very much reminded me of Dylan in the way she approaches her work."

A John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand Prize Winner (Rock), Rachael has received several Independent Music Awards and OUTMusic awards. For more information, visit Rachael's official site: www.rachaelsage.com.


Rachael Sage - Myopia (2018) - MP9009-2
Rachael Sage - Joy! (2017) - MP0018-2
Sean Kelly - Time Bomb, Baby (2017) - MP7501-2
Seth Glier - Birds (2017) - MP7405-2
Dom Kelly - Everything Is Just Enough (2017) - MP 3501-2
Rachael Sage - The Tide (2017) - MP7227
Rachael Sage - Choreographic (Acoustic) (2016) - MP5423-2
Cashout - Scam.Sin.Fear (2016) - MP2399-2
Rachael Sage - Choreographic (2016) - MP5445-2
A Fragile Tomorrow - Make Me Over (2015) MP2381-2
K's Choice - The Phantom Cowboy (2015) MP5201-2
Rachael Sage - Blue Roses Deluxe (2015) MP1886-2
Seth Glier - If I Could Change One Thing (2015) MP7404-2
Rachael Sage - Dance Competition Compilation, Vol 1 (2014) - MP3663-2
Rachael Sage - Blue Roses (2014) MP1881-2
Rachael Sage - New Destination (2014) MP1118-2
Various Artists - New Arrivals: Vol 5 (2013) MP6205-2
Melissa Ferrick - the truth is (2013) - MP-6302-2
Seth Glier - Things I Should Let You Know (2013) - MP-7403-2
Rachael Sage - Haunted By You Acoustic Vinyl (2012) - MP0909-1
Rachael Sage - Haunted By You Acoustic EP (2012) - MP0901-2
Rachael Sage - Haunted By You (2012) - MP0909-2
Melissa Ferrick - Still Right Here (2011) - MP6301-2
Various Artists - New Arrivals: Vol. 4 (2011) - MP6204-2
Seth Glier - The Next Right Thing (2010) - MP7402-2
Rachael Sage - Delancey Street (2010) - MP2727-2
Seth Glier - The Trouble With People (2009) - MP7401-2
Various Artists – New Arrivals: Vol. 3 (2008) – MP6203-2
Rachael Sage  – Chandelier (2008) – MP4545-2
Various Artists – New Arrivals: Vol. 2 (2007) – MP6202-2 
Rachael Sage  – The Blistering Sun (2006) – MP6363-2 
Various Artists – New Arrivals: Vol. 1 (2006) – MP6201-2 
Rachael Sage  – Ballads & Burlesque (2004) – MP8181-2 
Rachael Sage  – Public Record (2003) – MP9090-2 
Rachael Sage  – Illusion's Carnival (2002)– MP7272-2 
Rachael Sage  – Painting Of A Painting (2001) – MP5454-2 
Rachael Sage  – Smashing The Serene (1998) – MP3636-2 
Rachael Sage  – Morbid Romantic (1996) – MP1818-2