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"Big Star"

  • "Big Star has hit potential, as Sage relates to the trappings of celebrity in an upbeat way." - All Music Guide

  • "One of the album's highlights is "Big Star", a pop track about anyone who feels like what they're doing is a pipe dream." - Creative Loafing

  • "It's worth it for 'Big Star' and so much more." - Beautiful You

  • "The short and sweet of it is that this is probably one of the most mature, intellectual and emotional "art-pop" albums that you'll hear in 2010" - Women's Radio

  • Injected with equal parts gleeful campiness and hard-earned wisdom, 'Big Star' serves as a cautionary take for those pursuing the path to fame. Sage with her warm soprano sparkling atop the song's lush pop arrangement, encourages such seekers to embrace, and even relish in, that hunger - as long as they're aware if the price attached to stardom." - Phillyburbs

  • Sage shares some sisterly advice in the frisky 'Big Star,"... a quality that goes beyond intellectual excercise." - iTunes Review