Delancey Street: Early Press Quotes

  • "excellent" - M Music & Musicians Magazine
  • Recently featured in The Wall Street Journal
  • "Rachael Sage has molded and shaped a sound beyond a mere current-day singer/songwriter, into a true soothsayer and storyteller...Four-Stars for 'Delancey Street.'" - All Music Guide
  • "...eloquent execution... genuine and compelling." - BLURT Magazine
  • "a fresh intimacy... at the core of Delancey Street is a heartfelt quality that goes beyond intellectual exercise." - iTunes Review
  • "Sage's tightest and most personal offering to date." - Connecticut Post
  • "One of the album's highlights is "Big Star," a pop track written about "Anyone who feels like what they're doing is a pipe dream." - Creative Loafing
  • "Confident and grounded." - The Beat Magazine
  • "Her music is getting better with every release" - The Deli Magazine
  • "Emotionally riveting songs underpinned by lush melodies, inventive arrangements and a flair for the dramatic." - Columbia Free-Times
  • "Track after track, she delivers one-of-a-kind indie, artsty songs with a sequin shine, which gives every one of her 12 songs decorative brilliance." - Campus Circle
  • "Sage (is) an artist who has always danced around the edges of brilliance and has now moved fully into its light." - Wildy's World
  • "Delancey Street delivers the great musicianship and creative lyrics we've come to expect from Sage along with a couple surprises." - Feminist Review
  • "queen of the keyboard" - Wisonsin Gazette
  • "This insightful album is not to be missed." - Musical Discoveries
  • "intimate, enigmatic pop songs driven by piano and an expressive soprano voice...pretty songs about sometimes un-pretty things, little confessions and recollections delivered in atmospheric tones." - Asbury Park Press
  • "It's worth it for 'Big Star' and so much more" - Beautiful You
  • "hauntingly beautiful" - Intelligencer/Phillyburbs
  • "built on this quiet lushness of sound... It backs up and underscores the lyrics, never overpowering, only enhancing." - Stop Motion Verbosity
  • "The short and sweet of it is that this is probably one of the most mature, intellectual and emotional “art-pop” albums that you’ll hear in 2010." - Women's Radio

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