Early Praise for Charity CD
to Combat Youth Homelessness

'New Arrivals: Vol 4' Set for June 7th Release on MPress Records,
to Benefit The National Network For Youth


MPress Records has earned favorable pre-release Newsradio and music press coverage for ‘New Arrivals Volume 4’ – a June 7th charity compilation CD to benefit The National Network For Youth, whose mission is to champion the needs of runaway, homeless and other disconnected teens. Praise is already coming in for standout tracks like those from American Idol finalist Caleb Hawley, acclaimed Verve artist Lucy Woodward and 2011 Grammy nominee Dave Eggar. On the syndicated New York News Connection, a statewide news service for New York, veteran Producer Mark Scheerer aired a segment entitled ‘Who Wants to Help Homeless NY Teens? Charity CD Tries to Counter Cutbacks, Recession’.

In addition to tracks by Hawley, Woodward and a previously unreleased track by Eggar, the 21-song CD includes Brooklyn’s indies The Paper Raincoat, critical favorite Michelle Malone, emerging Broadway composer and lyricist Michelle Citrin and more. Listen to a streaming sampler, here: http://newarrivalscd.com/nav4_player/nav4player.html

Watch the new PSA, here:
Indie rock/pop editorial content site Wildysworld praised: “As with any various artists’ collection, different tracks will appear to different listeners for different reasons. But of the Indie collections released in the last few years, New Arrivals Vol. 4 - Artists Against Youth Homelessness has to be rated among the best for both songs and selection of artists. So if you're looking for an opportunity to learn about some wonderful up-and-coming Indie artists and support a good cause in the process, New Arrivals Vol. 4 - Artists Against Youth Homelessness comes highly recommended.”

A special event to raise additional funds for the cause has been confirmed for June 22nd at The Gershwin Hotel in NYC:



WHEN: WED. JUNE 22, 7:00 PM - 10:30 PM
7 East 27th St. btwn Fifth Ave & Madison

EVENT SPONSORS: MPress Records, M Music & Musician Magazine, The National Network For Youth, Blurt Magazine, Planetary Group, A To Z Media



Sage expects additional launch parties to be announced in the weeks ahead. Visit www.newarrivalscd.com for up-to-date information.

The New Arrivals charity compilation series continues to showcase both established and indie artists. Launched in 2006 by MPress Records president Rachael Sage (an acclaimed art-pop singer-songwriter who has also contributed a track to NAV4,) each CD has benefitted a different charity: Volume 1 benefitted Gulf Coast Hurricane Relief, Volume 2 benefitted World Hunger Year, and Volume 3 benefitted NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association). With regards to the upcoming Volume 4, Sage comments: “It's definitely our best lineup yet, it’s a great cause, and we want to do it justice.”

Early press clippings:

New York News Connection - "Who Wants To Help Homeless NY Teens?
Something Else - "Half Notes: Avi Wisnia, "New Year" 2011"
Something Else - "Half Notes: Light in August, "Northern Lights" 2011"
Wildy's World - Album Review
The Washington Times - Feature on Rachael Sage, MPress Records & NAV4
The New York Times - NAV4 Artist Michelle Citrin also making headlines for writing the music & lyrics for the upcoiming "Sleepless In Seattle Musical"

Here's what some of the participating artists have to say about the project:

“I think most people, if given the opportunity to help, would. The trouble is...where do we begin? MPress records offers a win-win-win situation: Artists get to share their music as a catalyst for positive change, people get access to great music and in exchange, proceeds from sales go towards supporting homeless youth to give them opportunities otherwise unavailable to them without this project.”MICHELLE CITRIN

“Having dedicated my life to the very tenuous endeavor that is the arts in America, every day I'm aware of the thin blade I walk between falling into the abyss of social insecurity or achieving the success to which I aspire. I'm honored to contribute my music to this MPress compilation in order to help those who've fallen into hard times...” WALTER PARKS

"It is such a privilege to partner with MPress Records and The National Network for Youth. As a songwriter, it is often a struggle to write lyrics that don't revolve around me. In an industry that applauds vanity and self-promotion, it is even harder to imagine a record company being selfless. MPress has done this on a grand scale by offering up an entire volume of music benefitting an at-risk population. Well done and thank you."JOSH SCHICKER

“‘New Year’ is the first single from Avi Wisnia's debut feature-length album "Something New". The song was inspired by Avi's experience with a friend who attempted suicide. Featuring Avi on vocals and piano, New Year urges us to stay true to ourselves while remaining open to those around us, and reminds us that we always have the chance to make a fresh start. Although dealing with dark subject matter, the song is ultimately optimistic and uplifting.”AVI WISNIA

“There are so many existing hardships we all face when growing up. Each and every young person deserves to enter adulthood from a place of endless opportunity. I'm so grateful to MPress Records for including me in this amazing project!”KATIE COSTELLO

NAV4 Track Listing:
1. Caleb Hawley: Other Side Of It All
2. Seth Glier:  Lauralee
3. Michelle Citrin: Coffee
4. Light In August: Northern Lights
5. Lindsay Mac: Stop Thinking
6. The Paper Raincoat: Sympathetic Vibrations
7. Rachael Davis: Mark Of Cain
8. Micah Dalton: We Came Alive Tonight
9. Avi Wisnia: New Year
10. Josh Schicker: The Other Side
11. Michelle Malone: Miss Miss'ippi
12. Anthony Salari: Soul Shaker
13. Walter Parks: Troubadour
14. Dave Eggar: Birdcage
15. Hailey Wojcik: Luck
16. Katie Costello: Isn't It Lovely
17. Greta Gertler & The Extroverts: Veselka
18. Sarah Lentz: Jericho
19. JP Hoe: Safe And Sound
20. Rachael Sage: Big Star
21. Lucy Woodward: He Got Away

More about MPress Records: MPress Records

MPress Records was founded a decade ago by New York based art-pop chanteuse and keyboardist Rachael Sage, who has toured with Ani DiFranco and Lilith Fair and shared stages with Sarah McLachlan, Marshall Crenshaw, Judy Collins and The Animals. Sage, who performs over 150 dates a year in the U.S., Europe, Asia and The Middle East, has received numerous songwriting accolades including Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, as well as several OUTMusic and Independent Music Awards. Recent MPress releases include Sage's ninth album 'Delancey Street', as well as rising newcomer Seth Glier's award-winning album, 'The Next Right Thing'; the label will also be releasing indie maverick (and major label veteran) Melissa Ferrick's next album in Fall 2011.

National Network for YouthMore about The National Network for Youth:

The National Network for Youth has been serving the youth of America for more than 30 years by championing the needs of runaway, homeless and other disconnected youth. We do this through advocacy, innovation and services. Our reach is extended through our member organizations, allowing us to be in numerous communities throughout the country as we create a neighborhood of support for the next generation. Our members are community-based organizations along with their neighborhood youth, adults, associations, and regional and state networks of youth workers. These builders of the future provide street-based services, emergency shelter, transitional living programs, counseling, and social, health, educational and job-related services to over 2.5 million youth each year. The National Network is committed to ensuring that opportunities for growth and development be available to our neighbors everywhere. The youth we work with face greater odds due to abuse and neglect, homelessness, lack of resources, community prejudice, differing abilities and other life challenges.

National Network for Youth envisions a world where vulnerable youth have a safety net everywhere they turn — therefore creating positive and strong communities one youth at a time.

Mission Statement:
The mission of National Network is to connect and champion the needs of runaway, homeless, and other disconnected youth through our "TOOLBOX", which includes advocacy, innovation, community building and services. Learn more here: http://www.nn4youth.org/

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